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Introducing the SBK Patient Encounter model

SBK Healthcare Services, Inc. desired to bring to the Global healthcare Industry a Physician and/or Care Provider Patient Encounter model that resolves the Industry wide problem of time and effort spent by the Physician and/or Care Provider electronically documenting relevant patient history and encounter information into Computerized Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR) software. Our Patient Encounter and Clinical Workflow model can more than cut in half the current statistical average "per patient, per Provider, per scheduling hour" encounter time, thereby allowing Physicians/Providers to double (in some cases even triple) the average number of patients that can be evaluated and treated in a scheduled hour while improving the quality of care they provide.

As a matter of fact, time and motion studies with Physician/Care Providers operating with the SBK Patient Encounter model have shown that quality of care increases quite dramatically due to their full attention and focus having been shifted away from the Computer Data entry and back on to the patient's condition and care plan.

Our solution

Key to the solution is the introduction of a trained Clinical Documentation Analyst or "CDA" into the middle of the workflow between the Physician/Provider and the EMR/EHR/CIS/HIS software system that the Physician is required to document in. A CDA is not a "scribe" or even a "virtual Scribe" but rather a Certified Clinical Coder that has also been cross trained as a Certified Medical Language Specialist (CMLS) or a Medical Transcriptionist (MT).

Introducing the SBK Patient Encounter model

The CDA is not present in the live encounter between the Physician and the patient, nor is the CDA connected in real time virtually.

The Encounter is recorded digitally in a Smartphone application provided by the Company to the Physician Client that can be "uploaded" to a workflow application that is monitored by the CDA assigned to the Provider. When the encounter recording comes into the CDA's desktop queue, the CDA remotely accesses the EMR/EHR/CIS/HIS software system that the Physician utilizes and begins to playback the recording of the encounter between the Provider and the Patient. The CDA then begins documenting and coding the Encounter, based on their interpretation of the interaction between the Physician and their Patient, entering the relevant information into Patient's chart along with the required codes for Billing and claim submittal.

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